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Here's a quick summary of the latest work from the folks at 121Studios.


Anomaly is a new original series being produced by 121Studios.


Anomaly is a crime thriller about a rouge detective who risks everything when she forms a dangerous bond with a man who has telekinetic abilities.


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With every song there is a story waiting to be told.

At 121Studios, we bring that story to life through cinematic and emotional imagery.

Tyler Ward - Beginning of a Bad Idea

This video is a simple narrative that explores the beautiful and painful memories of a past relationship.


This 1 day shoot took us to a beautiful house in  Nederland, Colorado that helped us convey the mood of the video. With a crew of 18 people, we were able to to tell the complete storyline  at one location. We utilized a Movi rig to accomplish the dreamlike movement.

Proxy - Life Changed Me

This video tells a gritty narrative about a young man caught in the gang lifestyle and how God’s grace is displayed in tragedy.


Over the course three days, seven locations, and a crew of  twenty-five people, we were able to blend performance and narrative.


Want to see how we did it? Click HERE

Tru-Serva - Who I Am

Inspired by true stories, this video is a sobering look into the life of a young woman, trapped in the world of human trafficking and prostitution. Filmed in Minnesota’s Twin Cities, this three-day shoot took our 20 person crew to five locations throughout the metro.


P.S. The Piano being played, may still be found in the ally on 5th and Wall St. in Saint Paul, Minnesota.


Dawna Johnson - Love Like That

This was a two-day all-studio performance shoot with over twenty cast and crew. We incorporated dramatic dance and employed cinema-graphs, subtle movement within a still frame. Filmed in Edina, Minnesota.



Fun Fact: The director was definitely “smokin’ ” something for this shoot.



We are filmmakers at heart which is the focus of every story we create. From films to TV series, we focus on developing interesting characters, creative plot lines and motivated imagery.

The Devil and the Vagabond

A conversation takes place between two individuals that has eternal implications.


Shot at Boyd Park in St. Paul, Minnesota's historic Cathedral Hill; this crowd funded, 2 day project, took a crew of nearly 45 people.

Serene Valley

In the distant future, a young girl is sent on a dangerous mission to deliver a young boy to an unknown campground. Through their travels, the two form a close relationship and she questions if she is making the right decision.


This short took over six months to complete and has been screened at seven festivals across the nation.



Two friends must decide whether to become heroes or not, when a heartbroken ex-employee comes to seek revenge on his old office.


This three day shoot  was filmed in a 100 year old building and consisted of a professional and student crew.


Conflicted by his shameful sins, a man struggles to truly accept God's forgiveness.


This film was made as a part of the 168 Film Festival which is a faith based international competition, which gives teams 7 days to complete a short film based on a given Bible verse. This 3 day shoot consisted of over 30 cast and crew. "Blood" was a Top 20 finalist and was nominated for best Director and best Production Design.





Have a commercial, event, or promotional video to shoot? 121Studios does it all.

Boys & Girls Club

Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver approached us to help them tell the story of one of their "Youth of the Year."

The film played at the 2014 fund-raising Gala.


Fun fact: Boys & Girls raised $650,000 towards their goal!


Decadence is Colorado's biggest New Year's celebration, with over 23,000 people in attendance. 121Studios had the privilege of partnering with Noir Concepts and Joosbox TV to film and edit this insane event. Everyone who sees it will know they missed the biggest party of the year!

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