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Boys & Girls

Club Gala

121 attends Boys & Girls Club Gala


We had the honor of attending the 2014 Boys & Girls Club Gala this year. Having the opportunity to support an amazing program such as Boys & Girls Club is a true pleasure.   Visit the Boys & Girls Club Gala page to learn more about the event.


300,000 views, 15,000 likes.

Directors share favorite shows

Tyler Ward Music just released Tyler's Music Video Beginning of a Bad Idea that 121Studios

created, produced, directed, and edited. So excited for Tyler Ward and the cast and crew that

was involved. To see the video on YouTube click here. To see in higher resolution, watch below.



Video Hits 300,000 Views & Climbing


121Studios Launches new blog

The owners, staff, and interns of 121Studios are a wild bunch, each with their own niche of

storytelling and production. Be sure to check out the weekly posts from of the peeps from 121Studios.  Subscribe to: http://121studios.blogspot.com/


Matt Prazak to return

We want you back


After an exciting two months of interning, Matt Prazak is looking to come back to 121Studios as one of their freelancers. After all of his hard work and effort, we know he will be truly successful. His first love is photography. Check out his demo reel here: https://vimeo.com/90097113



Fun, Fans, and Music

We had the opportunity to film and edit this years Decadence NYE party. For those who were there, you know how incredible this event was. So now you have the opportunity to relive it!  So here it is: the official 121Studios release of Decadence the After Show.



Decadence NYE 2014

Tyler Ward,

Beginning of a Bad Idea

Set Photos

Tyler Ward - BOBI Behind the Scenes


In December of 2013 we signed a contract to produce one of Tyler Ward's original songs called: Beginning of a Bad Idea. We filmed in Nederland, CO on February 1st and will be soon releasing it in April of 2014. For more information about Tyler Ward visit his website Tylerwardmusic.com


Fond farewell to our first intern

End of March marks departure of Becca


Becca is fleeing the country. As the Canadians rally forces to find her, Ms. McGlothlin prepares for a new life in southern Peru. The Canadian Mob, most notably known for kidnapping American production assistants, have set their sights on the young artist and have spared no expense in hiring the greatest task force their country has ever seen. In an interview with 5280 magazine, Ms. McGlothlin, voiced her concern about the United States openly allowing the NTF or "Northern Task Force" to waltz over the border and take her hostage.


             " I just feel like they are being a bunch of idiots... like seriously, grow up. I stole a

             pine cone, not a diamond ring."                        ~ Becca McGlothlin


New Series:

Inside access to the Director

121Studios to shoot TV Pilot 03/01/14


For the last six months Writer/Director Terrell Lamont has been working on a concept with the 121Studios team to develop a sci-fi crime drama about a rogue detective who risks everything when she forms a dangerous bond with a man who has telekinetic abilities.


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